Proven Experience

From his humble beginning as an Eagle Scout, Tom worked his way through college, earning two undergraduate degrees and an MBA. Through hard work and smart career choices, he rose to top management positions such as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer with major international companies that set the pace for the rest of the international business community.

From his position as a card-carrying union longshoreman to his seat in the boardrooms of Easton Hospital and other organizations to his position as chief contract negotiator for Lehigh County, Tom has delivered results for the people who depend on him.

From managing some of America’s most-recognized brands, to starting and running efficient and profitable small businesses to responsibly reducing the size and budget of Lehigh County government for each of the past four years, Tom has always delivered the right mix of service, quality and efficiency.

Under Tom’s watch as Lehigh County’s Director of Administration, Lehigh County has reduced its size and budget each of the past four years while receiving two bond rating increases, increasing its focus on public safety, delivering quality services, upgrading its bridges, 911 Center and other infrastructure and improving quality of life.

Tom Muller has the proven experience that your county needs…..
……..because proven experience delivers results
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