Focusing on YOUR Safety

For the past 7 years, Tom has worked closely with the District Attorney, Judges and Police Chiefs to make the central booking and regional crime centers a reality and to connect all police departments to each other in “real time” to ensure increased safety for you and those who protect us. He will continue to make public safety a top priority.

Managing YOUR Money Responsibly

Tom believes responsible management of your tax dollars isn’t just about cutting costs to meet campaign promises; it’s about meeting your needs effectively and efficiently. He’s been doing that for the past 7 years– reducing staff, controlling costs and focusing on needs to keep the tax demand below all recognized benchmarks and earn two bond rating increases for the County.

Investing in YOUR Quality of Life

Tom believes County government’s role should go beyond mandated services and include improving your quality of life. He endorses giving non-profit venues such as the Zoo and cultural destinations and events County support.  He also wants to develop partnerships to bring the availability of park and recreational sites in line with the County’s growth and to better match services for today’s seniors to their needs.

Supporting OUR Youth

It has been said that it’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults and “broken adults” are both a lost opportunity and a burden to taxpayers. The supportive family unit of the past is not a reality for many kids, possibly putting them at risk. Tom wants to partner with community groups and professionals to identify ways to avoid that risk and give every youth the opportunity for a strong future.

Remembering It’s YOUR Government

Tom believes County government should be about you and your interests and needs, not Washington’s problems and politics. He has plans to ensure you are heard and informed and remain the priority year-round, not just on Election Day.


With 40 years of successful business
experience and the past 7 years as
Lehigh County’s Director of Administration,
Tom Muller has the experience
YOUR County needs